About Me

I became a nurse over two decades ago under the assumption that I would be able to make sure every patient was given the attention they needed when they were at their most vulnerable .  Through the years I realized that sometimes circumstances lead to failed healthcare.  I started thinking, how can I help?  It's been about 10 years since I came up with a way to help, patients who are hard of hearing, ignorant to how the system works or uncomfortable about asking their doctor questions for fear of feeling "stupid".  With the current system it is impossible for them to spend unlimited time with you so it's important to be prepared with questions and to understand your diagnosis treatment options and cost to you. 

My parents were my main inspiration.  Dad died of stage IV lung cancer two weeks after diagnosis.  The reason he was not diagnosed was two fold; he was very hard of hearing and his doctor had a very strong Indian accent.  He had no idea what his doctor said and his doctor didn't know what his symptoms were.  It took my advocating for him to even get a diagnosis.  I know there are others stuck in the system not knowing what to do.  I am here to be your advocate.

My Mom
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