Your health and the health of your loved ones depends on the information you get and the questions you ask during your healthcare visit.  Concierge Nurse-Patient Advocate is here to guide you through so your care and treatment will produce the best outcome for your health


    ​Help you identify & describe symptoms clearly to provider

    Explain treatment options, plan and support

    Collaborate with provider

    Assist in finding provider

    Healthcare directives

    Attend office visits when requested

    Set up home care services

    Supportive care while hospitalized and when discharged

    Home IV therapy and wound care

    Assist with health insurance

    And much more

    About Me

    I became a nurse over two decades ago and am experienced in acute care, long term care and extensive experience in management.  I have experience with Medicare and Medicaid as well as other major insurers.   The reality is providers are no longer able to spend the time needed to really get to the root of your concerns due to no fault of their own. I want to bridge the gap between healthcare, patients and doctors.  My reasons for starting this consulting business is personal.  Both of my parents had failed treatments that lead to their death because of lack of understanding between doctor and patient.  My parents will not benefit from my services but you can.   Let me get you the care you deserve.

    Cassandra Moore, RN, BSN

    Mom and Me


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    Meet in the comfort of your own home, video, email or phone.  Every situation has a solution. Let's find yours together.

     Cassandra Moore, RN

    (360) 620-6546

    Cassandra Moore, RN, BSN Seabeck Wa  98380        (360) 620-6546